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About the Summit

The Holistic Transformation & Healing Mastery Summit is a collection of international experts who are holistic transformational professionals, coaches, & wisdom teachers. Our mission is to introduce them to you as well as to bring more transformational information for free to the world.

The summit is held twice a year (the end of March & the end of September). It is sponsored by the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy founded by Dr. Beverly Lawrence and part of the Holistic Spiritual Transformation Programs.

Definition of Holistic Spiritual Transformation: transforming the world and the lives of people so that relationships with the Divine Creator (i.e., Source), each other, and the environment are restored as Divine Natural Law intended. There are many different terms used to describe this process: integral mission, holistic transformation, even "as above, so below" from the Hermetic teachings.

The speakers at this summit are all in some way helping humanity with this transition from a material dominated world into a new higher spiritual vibration of the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment, Collaboration, and Unconditional Love.

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Summit Schedule for March 23, 2024

Welcome to the Summit!


Patti Stueland
Doors Open
9:45 AM PDT
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    OM for Success


    Dr. Beverly Lawrence Image
    Dr. Beverly Lawrence
    Summit Sponsor & Medical Intuitive
  • Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, ADBO LLC
    • Free Gift: OM for Success Program (eBook, 30-Day Intensive, Webinar, 6-Week Master Class)
    • VIP Gift: Healing or Consultation Session (Value $250)
    Frequency Fences & Consequences


    Dr. Kenzie Rhodes Image
    Dr. Kenzie Rhodes
    Doctor of Spiritual Alchemy
  • Crystal Grid Earth Energy Healing
    • Gift: Maximize Your Meditations!
    • VIP Gift: Jehovian Seal Clearing Session, Gift Value $150
    Living Your Best D.A.S.H.!


    Patti Stueland Image
    Patti Stueland
    The D.A.S.H.
  • Pathways with Patti
    • Gift: Pathway Roadmap
    • VIP Gift: The DASH workshop, Gift Value $150
    3 Top Ways to Stay Stuck


    Dr. Tanya English Image
    Dr. Tanya English
    Soul Chiropractor
  • Quantum Healing International
    • Gift: Powerful Personal Affirmation
    • VIP Gift: Intuitive Energy Scan, Gift Value $200
    4 Level Healing Requirement


    Dr. Christine Breese Image
    Dr. Christine Breese
    Founder UMS, CEO
  • University of Metaphysical Sciences
    • Gift: UMS Courses
    • VIP Gift: Divination Systems eBook, Gift Value $150
    What is your body saying?


    Andrea Alexander Image
    Andrea Alexander
    Anxiety & Trauma Relief Coach
  • Embody Coaching
    • Gift: Body Language Guide
    • VIP Gift: Iridology - Why am I here, Gift Value $250
    Diamond Source Light Qi Gong Clearing


    Dr. Beverly Lawrence Image
    Dr. Beverly Lawrence
  • Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, ADBO LLC
    • Gift: OM for Success Program (eBook, 30-Day Intensive, Webinar, 6-Week Master Class)
    • VIP Gift: Healing or Consultation Session (Value $250)
    Gratitude Circle Closing


    Summit image
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    • Free Gift 3: Pathway Roadmap From Patti Stueland

    • Free Gift 4: Powerful Personal Affirmation From Dr. Tanya English

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    • Free Gift 6: Body Language Guide From Andrea Alexander
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    • VIP Gift 2: Jehovian Seal Clearing Session Value $150 From Dr. Kenzie Rhodes

    • VIP Gift 3: The DASH workshop Value $150 From Patti Stueland

    • VIP Gift 4: Intuitive Energy Scan Value $200 From Dr. Tanya English

    • VIP Gift 5: Divination Systems eBook Value $150 From Dr. Christine Brese

    • VIP Gift 6: Iridology - Why am I here Value $150 From Andrea Alexander

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